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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: What does Allstar Music Teach in there Allstar Guitar Programs?
Allstar Music Programs follow the Allstar Music Method© with the main focus to teach and develop guitar skills and technique through songs from past & present hits and popular music. Allstar Music Guitar Programs and Guitar Lessons cover the fundamentals skills and technique for learning the guitar (notes, notation, chords, powerchords, scales, lead & rhythm guitar styles, fingerpicking, technique/articulation/ dexterity/intonation, general music theory, plus a wide range of styles & genres) structured in a motivating, practical and simplified way for the learner to understand and progress.

FAQ: Does Allstar Music also teach traditional guitar methods?
Yes. Allstar Music also caters for traditional guitar lessons that focus on methods such as progressive guitar, trinity rock school, ameb guitar, classical guitar, fingerpicking guitar,berklee guitar, blues guitar, jazz guitar, country guitar, rock guitar and many more.

FAQ: What is more popular - a specialist 'Allstar Music Guitar Program' or Traditional Guitar Lessons?
As mentioned above Allstar Guitar Programs are by far the most popular way to learn guitar
. Almost 100% of guitar students learn the Allstar Music Guitar Method.

FAQ: Can i tailor a guitar program to suit my needs if required?
Yes. Allstar Music can tailor your guitar lessons to what you specifically want to achieve. Apart from our specilait Allstar Music Guitar Programs for juniors (5 -11) teens (12 - 17) & Adults, we are flexible to teach to your requirements if and when needed.
When enrolling/booking for guitar lessons you can choose between an Allstar Guitar Program or a traditional guitar lesson method or style.

FAQ: Can i join at any time throughout the year?
Yes. Allstar Music is opened from January to December for 48 weeks of the year. Allstar Music runs in connection with school terms which are typically 10 weeks in duration.

FAQ: Do teachers have a working with children check and police clearance?
Allstar Music Teachers have current working with children checks and police clearances to ensure the safety of each learner.

FAQ: What if i don’t have a guitar for lessons or to practice at home?
Allstar Music provides music instrument hire for guitar. Rates vary depending on the type of guitar package you choose. Deposit is required and a minimum four weeks per booking is required. Casual rates are also available.

FAQ: Will i need to purchase any books or guitar equipment?
The advantage of having guitar lessons at Allstar Music is that all Allstar Music Books are included within the price of the lesson. As you progress in time as any great musician would, you may need to purchase books relevant to the guitar areas you focus on. You will need to also purchase a guitar capo & folder as you progress through your guitar lessons. All resources are available through the Allstar Music Store.

FAQ: Do I have to pay upfront for music lessons?
Allstar Music has a range of payment plans based on 10 week, 5 week, and casual guitar lessons. Allstar Music has a range of payment methods to suit your needs.

FAQ: What if i do not want to continue guitar lessons at Allstar Music?
If you no longer require guitar lessons from Allstar Music we require two weeks notice as a common courtesy. All outstanding lessons payments after the two weeks notice will be redeemed for Allstar Music Vouchers to purchase music equipment, accessories or sheet music from our Allstar Music Store.

FAQ: Are Allstar Music Programs & guitar lessons right for me?
Learning a musical instrument has a wide range of benefits. Not only do you get to follow your interests and passion, worldwide research has connected music lessons with many skills and attributes that are not obtainable from other methods of learning. Allstar Music Programs cater for the modern aspiring musician and learner. We specialiase for the individual and their learning needs, interests and goals, providing a more personalized and professional music service that is practical, easy to understand and provides great results!

FAQ: How often should i have guitar lessons?
To progress and get maximum results from guitar lessons, it is important to have weekly guitar lessons. This ensures consistency and a routine for you to achieve.

FAQ: Does Allstar Music open through school holidays?
Yes. Allstar music is opened on school holidays for guitar lessons.

FAQ: Where is Allstar Music & do i have a teacher in my area?
The Allstar Music Studio & Office is located in Duncraig, Perth, Western Australia. In close proximity are the following areas to Allstar Music for quality guitar lessons in Perth.
Duncraig, Carine, Marmion, Watermans Bay , Trigg, North Beach, Sorrento, Padbury Hillarys, Kingsley, Greenwood, Warwick, Hamersley, Karrinyup, Gwelup, Kallaroo, Woodvale, Balcatta, Madeley, Mullaloo, Beldon, Craigie, Pearsall, Edgewater & Hocking.

FAQ: Who do i call if i need to cancel a lesson?
If you are sick or away during your payment period as a common courtesy any advance notice would be greatly appreciated. To cancel - notify your teacher by text message or contact Allstar Music. 24 hours notice is required. Our Missed Lesson Policy states:
If you miss a lesson you won't go away empty handed. If your lesson has been paid for:
1) You must book a 'Make Up Lesson' within your payment period.
2) All resources are provided if you can’t attend a 'Make Up Lesson'
3) Lesson cost redeemed for music equipment or music accessories from the 'Allstar Music Store'.

Alternatively if your teacher is sick or absent for a music lesson prior notice will be given and no cost will be incurred to you.

FAQ: Can i purchase music instruments, guitars and guitar accessories from the Allstar Music Store?
Yes. Allstar music has a range of guitar accessories, guitars and guitar amps available from our online store.

FAQ: Can i have group bookings with friends or special events?
Yes. Allstar Music can provide group bookings and lessons for special events, corporate team building & staff wellness days. Contact Allstar Music for more information.

FAQ: If i become confident at the guitar, does Allstar Music provide opportunities to perform orplay in a band?
As you progress and develop your skills and knowledge on the guitar, Allstar Music has access to wide range of community and professional bands to suit your needs and objectives.

FAQ: Can i learn guitar online
Coming soon to Allstar Music will be a range of books and online learning opportunities for guitar beginners and enthusiasts.

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